Our eyelash extension is carefully consulted and offers you a safe and secure service.


Our confident eyelash technicians, who all have over 10 years experience of working in salons specialising in high-quality Individual Eyelash Extensions, will design your best eyelashes.



<Top Quality Lash Extension>


Soft, flexible and long lasting. Those are the words to describe our three types of Premium Eyelashes Extension. It will be applied precisely onto each one of your lashes using JAPAN MADE BEST QUALITY GLUE. The length and thickness of your eyelash will be carefully examined, then decided where to apply according to your eye line. Although your original eyelash has some condition of looking apart from each other or not, your every eyelash will be treated and extension applied accordingly. Then your eyelashes will have a gorgeous fuller look as if eyeliner was applied.

Our range of extensions are;

  • Lash Length: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm,13mm
  • Lash Thicknesses: 0.1mm ,0.15mm,0.2mm
  • 3 Lash Curls: J,C,CC


All can be arranged according to your taste.

“I want to have curly and long lashes on the edges of my eyes and give me a SEXY look!”

“I want to have long lashes on the centre of eyelid and give me a CUTE look!”

“Please give me a NATURAL big-eye look!”

According to your needs, we enhance and maximise your natural beauty and design to suit your individual style. For instance, using coloured extension on the edges of eyes can give you a great look for a party or special event, or mixing brown-coloured extension can gives you Sweet-Soft impression. Bottom eyelash extension is also available and is able to achieve a thick glamorous impression, which is ideal for your wedding day or special anniversary event.

We also offer a wide variety of lashes, so we will suggest according to your wishes and eyelash condition.



<Russian Volume Eyelashes Extension>


THE BEST QUALITY QUEEN SABLE LASHES are incredibly light and they easily merge with your natural eyelash with our high standard technique.

Our range of extensions are;

  • Lash Length: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm,13mm
  • Lash Thicknesses: 0.05mm
  • 4 Lash Curls: J, B, C, D


All can be arranged according to your taste.

Russian Volume Eyelashes are very fine and extremely light, so it is possible to apply multiple fine lash extensions(3-5 lashes) to your natural lash WITH ALMOST NO DAMAGE.

Russian Volume Eyelashes are recommended for the person whose natural lashes are thin and short and need thicker, longer lashes or the person whose natural lashes have some gaps in between and desire fuller and fluffier looking lashes. The eyelashes extensions are designed to give you a light, soft, and fuller look instead of the common feeling offered by single lash extensions.



<UPWard lash>

✴Pioneering Technology!

Simply raise your eyelashes, this technology allows you to apply eyelash extensions without using curlers or chemical agents, helping to lessen the burden on your eyelashes. The eyelashes are curled upward from their roots, preventing them from stabbing the eyes. This also helps to create more elegant looking eyes.

We strongly recommend these lashes for customers looking for solutions for their inverted eyelashes or would like to curl up their lashes from the root.

※Available in single lash extension form only.




<Lash lift>

✴Pioneering Technology!

This perm raises your eyelashes only instead of curling them upward using a unique method, giving your lashes a natural and extended look.

The pioneering perm is compatible with eyelash extensions.



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